Posted: October 18, 2016


The way people browser the internet has change exponentially in recent years with mobile devices taking over the market share. It is so important now for your website to be accessible and usable on smartphones and tablets that it has a direct impact on your search engine organic rankings. If your site is not mobile ready, or what developers and designers would call responsive, Google will penalise your SEO rank.

How To Test Your Site

Google offers a great tool to test if your site is mobile ready. You can find it at the URL below:

To find out more information about the guidelines Google follows to determine if you site is mobile ready, read this article.

Mobile Ready Websites

How To Make Your Site Responsive

How your site was originally developed, will determine what options you have available to make your site mobile ready. For example if you have a site that is built on a content management system, there are plugins that can automatically make a mobile version of your site and display it when a mobile device is detected. Arguably, this is not the best method and therefor we recommend a developer to add the required code to make your existing site responsive. It is most certainly a longer and costly process, but the you will achieve much better results that Google will love.

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Nicholas Coupland Web Design are experts in responsive design and can make you the perfect mobile ready website. If you are interested in seeing what it would take to get your site up to date with the latest technologies, contact us for a free quote.


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